Friday, August 6, 2010

"Meter for the shadows"

Backlighting can be very pretty, as long as you bring extra light to light the front or side of the subject etc.

Film users often to say meter for the shadows and expose for that, you can develop normally or develop for highlights after that depending on the case.

Well I'm not doing a little roundup test, with Shanghai GP3 and Kodak Ektacolor Pro 160 to start with.

Of backlit objects, normal incident reading/correct exposure in the key light (direct sun), and then also an incident reading of the shade of the backlit object, both of these exposures also made on a 30D for digital reference.

First I will see how the GP3 holds up in these situations in a Rodinal stand for 1 hour, if the highlights are too dense, then dilution will be increased or time decreased.

Then I will see how the Ektacolor Pro 160 holds up in regular C-41 development, then split bath development, and then also finally stand developing in Rodinal for an hour (and rehal developed back to a colour negative).

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