Thursday, August 26, 2010

Colour Negative Developer Update

Okay so I think I've cracked the highly concenrated and dilutable colour negative developer.

I'm getting the or rather a correct pH (~10.22 @ 17.4 celsius test temperature in initial tests) of a test solution of what is a 1+100 dilution, or rather a 1+1+100 dilution since the developer will come in 2 parts.

I'm moving to Melbourne on Wednesday afternoon next week so I hope to do some test runs of the developer that week.

Friday, August 6, 2010

"Meter for the shadows"

Backlighting can be very pretty, as long as you bring extra light to light the front or side of the subject etc.

Film users often to say meter for the shadows and expose for that, you can develop normally or develop for highlights after that depending on the case.

Well I'm not doing a little roundup test, with Shanghai GP3 and Kodak Ektacolor Pro 160 to start with.

Of backlit objects, normal incident reading/correct exposure in the key light (direct sun), and then also an incident reading of the shade of the backlit object, both of these exposures also made on a 30D for digital reference.

First I will see how the GP3 holds up in these situations in a Rodinal stand for 1 hour, if the highlights are too dense, then dilution will be increased or time decreased.

Then I will see how the Ektacolor Pro 160 holds up in regular C-41 development, then split bath development, and then also finally stand developing in Rodinal for an hour (and rehal developed back to a colour negative).

Monday, August 2, 2010

Looking for work

I'm currently looking for work, so I can fund more film and chemicals, and more cameras. Well, and of course rent and food.... but that's lower priority ;)

I had an offer from Owen from David Hawk English School, who posted me a contract and can sponsor me for a VISA for teaching English in Zhongshan, about 130km west of Shenzhen iirc.

I'm unsure whats best for me to do.

Whether I should take that, hold out for other offers, or try to find an offer from Japan, or simply pack up all my crap into storage and stay at a hostel in Sydney while looking for anything (such as night fill), though I'd be giving up shooting film mostly, and I'd probably need to get some kind of laptop which is more expense..