Friday, May 21, 2010

Colour Developer Mk I Results

Here are some results from the first revision of my unnamed colour developer, which can be used at high dilutions, ambient temperatures, and long processing times like Rodinal.

1+100, 1 hour semi stand, 2 inversions at 30 min mark
These negatives came out with very rich negative contrast, but are very difficult to scan and correct, it turn out a bit flat in colour like this because of how dense they are.

This was on some unknown 400 speed film on sale at K-Mart "Shooter Fun SnapShots " on 35mm.

1+100, 30 min semi stand, several inversions at 15 min mark:
Top image is film, bottom is digital comparison for reference, right histogram is source histogram before adjustments on both images, left histogram is after black and white points had been set to the black and white squares on the colour chart.

Density range (dmax - dmin) is a bit small, I can see this recipe needs changing, I think I know exactly what the problem is too :)

This was also on "Shooter Fun SnapShots" on 35mm

I decided to do one more test, before redesigning the formula, with Kodak Ektacolor 160 (one of the Portra 160's I assume) on 6x7cm with the RB67.

It is 1+150, 1 hour semi stand, several inversions at 20 minute and 40 minute marks.

Results have a thin density range, developer needs a few things removed, and some other things added.

Example with source histogram:

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